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List of Journals

International Journal of Management Research (IJMR)

Journal of Management and Decision Sciences (JMDS)

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Ali Sajid (Tamgha-i-Imtiaz) - Editor-in-Chief

PhD, The George Washington University, USA.

S. A. Javed - Managing Editor

Members, Editorial Team

Fareeha Ch., University of Malaya, Malaysia

M. Nawaz, PhD,  National College of Business Administration and Economics, Lahore

F. Ahmed, Pakistan Institute of Engineering & Applied Sciences, Islamabad.

Introduction to IJMR & JMDS

  • International Journal of Management Research (IJMR) is a quarterly peer-reviewed, open access journal of the Academy of Young Researchers & Scholars in association with the Lahore School of Management, The University of Lahore. It covers following areas: *Managerial Economics *Management *Marketing *Project Management *Human Resource Management *Education Management *Organizational Behavior *Finance *Trade *Strategy  *Entrepreneurship *Operations Management *Public Administration *Industrial Management *Leadership.
  • Journal of Management and Decision Sciences (JMDS) is an annual peer-reviewed, open access journal of the Academy of Young Researchers & Scholars in association with the Lahore School of Management, The University of Lahore. It covers all areas of administrative sciences, business studies, management sciences, statistics & probabilities, fuzzy logics, grey systems studies and decision sciences.

Publication Processes

  1. Corresponding author submitted paper to the editor through [email protected].
  2. A unique manuscript ID will be assigned to each paper submitted.
  3. The editor screens the suitability of the paper. If the paper is found to be within the scope of the journal then the editor would send the paper to two reviewers.
  4. After obtaining the reviews, the editor will take one of the decisions. The author will be asked for major changes, minor changes or the publication will be declined.
  5. If the author is asked for major or minor changes, he/she would be given appropriate time for revision. Once, the revision is received by the editor, the revised draft will be resent to the reviewers for comments.
  6. When the draft is finally accepted by the editor, the author will be informed about the publication decision.

Instructions for Authors

  1. Turnitin software will be used hence please avoid plagiarism.
  2. There must be a title cover. Only title cover should contain, title of the study, authors’ names, affiliations, email IDs, cell numbers.
  3. Tables and figures should be editable. Tables should be named over the table as Table I, Table II,… and figures should be named below the figure as Figure 1, Figure 2,… Source of data in the tables and diagrams should also be mentioned otherwise mention after the title in brackets (Source: self-created).
  4. Length of manuscript: 3000-7000 words
  5. Referencing style: APA
  6. Font: Times New Roman – Title (16/Bold), Author Names & Affiliation (12), Main Headings (14/Bold), Sub-headings (12/Bold), Content (12)
  7. Submit paper/article/essay in MS Word format (.doc or .docx) to [email protected] .
  8. Main headings should be as per international standards that may include following sections: a structured Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendations, Limitations, Acknowledgement, References etc. The author can amend these headings as per need while following the international norms.
  9. No Article Processing Charges (APC) for authors submitting papers till August 15, 2017

Benefits for Publishing with us

  • Immediate acknowledgement and assignment of manuscript number.
  • Quick blind peer-review.
  • Timely publication.
  • Quick responses to your queries, usually within 24 hours.
  • Quick allocation of Manuscript ID to your paper/article.
  • Each article is assigned a unique DOI.
  • Indexing in Google Scholar, ResearchGate and various other platforms.
  • Citation Management Services.
  • English Language Services
  • Issuance of Certificate of Publication.
  • Widespread availability of your work in academic industry.
  • Fast peer-review and publication

Call for Reviewers & Editorial Team

Download and fill the Call for Reviewer and email to [email protected] with subject of email "Application for Reviewer"

Download and fill the Call for Editorial Board Member and email to [email protected] with subject of email "Application for Editorial Board Membership"

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