Academy of Young Researchers & Scholars


The Academy of Young Researchers and Scholars (AYRS), a project of GreySys Foundation (GSF;, is a scientific & academic community that fosters communication between young and talented budding researchers and scholars working in the different universities. To achieve this goal, AYRS has established an multi-university platform. By organising regular meetings, AYRS brings young researchers & scholars together and offers them the opportunity to discuss specific research issues and find out more about each other's fields of interest. According to the President AYRS and Chairman GSF "at AYRS, we celebrate Pakistani scientific developments." 

AYRS owns one of the largest virtual research repositories of Pakistan containing millions of research papers and books, by international publishers, on almost every field of study. AYRS seeks to function as an academic platform fostering interdisciplinary and international scientific exchange, collaboration, and knowledge transfer amongst its members and other organizations. 

AYRS welcomes universities, research institutes, government agencies, NGOs and publishers and provides a range of services to assist its clients from corporate and academic sector to improve the productivity and effectiveness of their investment in research.

On this website you will find information about the organisation of the AYRS, its activities and membership, as well as the latest news, interesting links and networks. AYRS's new website: 

AYRS:  Celebrating Pakistani Scientific Developments

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