Academy of Young Researchers & Scholars


ReView (RV) - Consulting & Reviewing Services

A forum to facilitate and guide young researchers, writers, faculty members and university students on non commercial basis.

1) Free Career & Academic Counseling

2) Reviewing your Papers/Articles/Essays & providing feedback

3) Proofreading/Editing your academic works & providing feedback

4) Facilitating you in Data Collection & Interpretation

5) Publishing your Reports/Write-ups/Books

6) Guiding you in Identifying Appropriate Journal for your Paper

7) Helping you in getting Books & Research Papers published by International Publishers/Journals

8) Promoting Ethics in Academic Writing & Research Management through Counselings & Seminars

Abdus Salam Library & AYRS Research Repository

In June 2015, AYRS renamed its Library to "Abdus Salam Library" (ASL) in memory of Dr. Abdus Salam, the only Nobel Prize Laureate of Pakistan. ASL owns one of the largest virtual research repositories of Pakistan containing millions of research papers and books, by international publishers, on almost every field of study. Papers and books are provided to public on demand, at nominal charges that is usually 40-60% less than the original price of the paper/book.

Research Groups

AYRS - Research Group of Management
AYRS - Research Group of Marketing
AYRS - Research Group of Entrepreneurship
AYRS - Research Group of Natural Sciences
AYRS - Research Group of IT
AYRS - Research Group of Education
AYRS - Research Group of Dissemination of Highly Innovative Studies
AYRS - Hussain Baksh Centre for History and International Studies (HBCHIS)
AYRS - The Tipu Sultan Project
AYRS - The Research Network, the largest online community of researchers on any social media site with +5,500 members. 

AYRS Journal

International Journal of Management Research - Call for Paper

Corporate Social Responsibility

1) The S. A. Javed Scholarships for the Students of Public Schools (SAJ-SSPS)

Need & Merit based scholarships that covers tuition fee, books, uniform, bags, stationary and copies.

2) Free Proofreading Services for the University students publishing their first research papers.